Paper Type


  • Fine Art Watercolor

            My fine art watercolor paper is Museo Fine Art MAX.

            This paper is a 100% cotton paper that is acid free. Using an acid free paper allows for a longer print


  • Canvas

            My canvas is Breathing Color Lyve canvas.

            Lyve Canvas is an archival certified poly-cotton blend canvas using an acid free coating.

  • Gloss and Satin

            My glossy photo paper is used for my acrylic mounts, I am currently printing on a Photo Chrome Pearl

            paper for its extremely high gloss and metallic like finish.

            My Satin paper is used for my posters, I am currently printing on Canon Photo Satin for its light gloss

            and durable finish.


 Our fine art and canvas papers are archival papers which means when properly protected the image will last a minimum of 75 years without fading. Proper protection for the fine art paper is the glass it is placed behind. We use a TruVue Conservation Clear glass to protect the image from UV rays. Our canvas prints are UV protected by a clear finish that we spray over the print. The finish comes in 3 finish options of matte, satin and gloss. Matte is our preferred coat when applying a texture finish and satin is our preferred coat when a texture finish is not applied.