Hello y'all,
My name is Taylor Wilkes. First of all let me personally thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy my work. Photography has been a passion of mine for many years now. I picked up my first camera when I was 10 and have never looked back. I was fortunate enough to grow up shooting film and learning the dark room process. Today I shoot the most current digital cameras from Canon. Digital has definitely simplified photography and sped up my processing times. I remember the times I would travel as a teenager and take 15 to 20 rolls of film with me, now I just take two or three memory cards. Im lucky enough to share my passion with my father Mark Wilkes. He and I have travelled all over together to take photos. If you have a few extra minutes head on over to his web site and check out his work too, http:/​/​www.​mygroovyphotos.​com. One of the reasons I enjoy photography so much is because I truly enjoy sharing my experiences with my friends and family. I love showing them photos of where I've been and what I've seen. God has truly blessed me in life and allowed me to see some amazing and breath taking sights; from sunrise over Grand Teton to sunset on the Platte River with 40,000 sandhill cranes to wild brown bears fishing in the river. I love traveling the country and seeing new sights and taking photos but I also love going out in my back yard taking photos. It doesn't matter where I am as long as I have a camera in my hand I am happy, there is beauty all around us that is just begging to be photographed and shared with everyone. I grew up in Wichita, KS and I still live here and I remember one day driving to Kansas City through the flint hills and it hit me. Kansas in its own way with its rolling hills of prairie grass is just as beautiful as Colorado with the Rocky Mountains. I hope over the next few years to greatly expand my Kansas photography and share the beauty of Kansas with the world. My focus with my photography is mainly wildlife and landscape but it is ever expanding. I am working on building a portrait business to fill me free time between my trips. My family owns a furniture store called Dock 410, my parents have been in the interior design business for 25 years and recently we have decided to focus more on our photography. We are converting half of our store into our gallery. I do my own printing for my work and my fathers work and my father does all of the framing. We keep the entire process in house so we can do truly custom work for people. We can print in any size up to 60" on the short dimension and often do print custom sizes for our clients. Please, if you have any questions feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to answer them. Also if your looking for advice on framing options or finish options for you piece of artwork we can provide that advice with our extensive background in interior design.